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Fiberglass recycling is here. Finally.

Global Fiberglass Solutions offers pioneering fiberglass recycling and green-product manufacturing.

We help wind energy and other industries avoid landfills, build customer trust, and achieve true sustainability.

Industrial fiberglass recycling

From wind turbine blades to marine craft and more, GFS dismantles, transports, and recycles your large-scale fiberglass using a first-of-its-kind process. Your waste stream is verified and transparent at every step thanks to our SourceTracker® software.

Recycled fiberglass products

Once GFS processes fiberglass into raw material, we then create versatile, customized products such as composite panels, railroad ties, plastic composites, and beyond. You can order fibers or our EcoPoly pellets in bulk to make your own products. 

 Landfill or incinerator. 2 bad choices.

Yet until recently these were the only disposal options for fiberglass waste. Wrong for the environment, and wrong for clean energy companies with reputations to protect.


Add rising fees, regulations, and customer demand for accountability, and now retired fiberglass becomes a massive global problem.


In 2009 CEO Don Lilly launched GFS to find a better way. After years of breakthrough development, GFS now offers sustainable recycling and a second life for fiberglass composite material.


Why choose GFS?

Protect your reputation

Keep your company’s sustainability record strong and accountable while building customer trust.

Leave landfills behind

Avoid rising tipping fees and a negative environmental legacy through a zero-waste process.

Gain competitive edge

Separate from competitors with an advanced disposal system that’s verifiable at every step.

Reduce risk

Future-proof against potential regulations or liabilities of landfilling or incineration.

Cost-neutral solution

GFS recycling can lead to potential tax/carbon credits and better financing rates.

Join global leadership

Partner with leading edge of sustainability movement and support the circular economy.


 of a wind blade can be recycled by GFS


million tons

fiberglass waste one company can produce in a year




annual fiberglass industry revenue expected by 2024*

*MarketsandMarkets ™

Material Science

Our patented processes brings true fiberglass recycling to the marketplace for the first time.

Zero-waste solution

All fiberglass components get recycled and we follow the highest standards in environmental protection.



GPS-enabled tracking software verifies your material’s journey at every step.

EcoPoly products

Strong and versatile fiberglass products compete with virgin materials.

Advance expertise

Over 10 years of materials science development and recycling innovation.

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