Benefits for Companies

Discover economically viable and sustainable solutions for fiberglass and carbon fiber recycling with Global Fiberglass Solutions. With a goal of reducing carbon footprint among manufacturers and end users of fiberglass composites, we present various benefits that make our solutions practical and sustainable. 

Companies and organizations can opt to divert fiberglass waste from landfill or incineration by partnering with us. GFS offers not only tailored composite recycling service but tailored product opportunities via the recycled processed waste. The GFS waste management solution is truly circular and zero-waste.

Furthermore, utilizing our services may open opportunities for recycling credits or other benefits to operating an environmentally sustainable business practice. ​Ask us about our recycling certification system or contact us with further questions.

Benefits for the Planet

Globally, over 60 percent of total CH4 emissions come from human activities, including from waste management activities. (1)

Solid waste landfills are the single largest man-made source of methane gas in the United States. Ton for ton, waste prevention, reuse, and recycling / composting reduce more pollution, save more energy, and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions more than any other activity. (2)

GFS' recycling efforts and products are tailored to reduce emissions and to eliminate environmental liabilities. The time is now -- we address this global problem as a business for the good of our planetary ecosystem and the living population within it.

(1) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Natural Sources; Washington, DC, USA; 2010. Overview of Greenhouse Gases, Methane Emissions.


(2) The Northcoast Environmental Center; Landfills Contribute to Global Warming; M. Gainer; Febuary 2013.


US state incentives for recycling can be found on the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE).


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