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frequently asked questions

In this FAQ we hope to address some of the most common questions received. If you still have a question not listed here, feel free to fill out an online contact form.


Q: Where are you located?

A: GFS’ corporate office headquarters is located at the Highlands Campus Tech Centre in Bothell, WA, USA. Our recycling and manufacturing plants are located in Sweetwater, TX and Newton, IA. We also have business presence in Canada, Germany and Hong Kong.

Q: Can GFS provide recycling services to an area other than those listed?

A: Currently, GFS is working to develop and run our recycling and manufacturing closed-loop system in our USA plant locations. However, we are open to process licensing agreements with manufacturers and recyclers in other parts of the world to bring this system to new areas. Please contact us if interested.


Q: Will GFS be attending/exhibiting at (upcoming industry event)?

A: Check out our events calendar for where to find us next.

Q: I'm a member of the press and have questions about GFS.

A: Please email our communications specialist for all press-related inquiries.


Q: What are your disposal fees? / What type of fiberglass do you accept?

A: We currently do not operate as a recycling drop-off facility. We work with businesses and government agencies to collect large amounts of fiberglass composite waste on a contract basis.


Q: Do you recycle individual end-of-life cycle fiberglass items such as boats?

A: GFS has the technology and technical ability to recycle boats, airplanes and other large end-of-life cycle composite products. However, currently we operate on a contract basis with other companies as a fiberglass waste management service.


Q: I’m a materials science student and have questions about your process/materials science.

A: As our process is patented and proprietary, specific scientific detail on the process is confidential.

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