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Global Fiberglass Solutions provides recycling services for thermoset composite fiberglass materials.


GFS clients receive recycling certification via material tracking -- GFS' BladeTracker/SourceTracker IT cloud solution.

GFS has a patented process for recycling fiberglass, developed by composite material scientists at Washington State University. Waste fiberglass becomes feedstock for the products we manufacture. This landfilling alternative creates a fully contained system – one that produces no waste yet creates new value-added items.


With our proprietary process, GFS can also recycle fiberglass products that have outlived their functional lifespan. New products resulting can be sold in consumer or industrial settings.

service overview

1. On-site wind turbine blade collection
  • Active compliance with client EHS standards
2. Primary breakdown of blade material at GFS plant
  • Material will enter one of multiple manufacturing systems
3. Material extrusion to manufacture products
4. Material not extruded used in panel press for panel manufacturing
5. Sale and distribution of product(s) to customers
6. Customers may use GFS service to recycle GFS products at end of use


While GFS’ process is usable in any industry using fiberglass, as an operation we specialize in certain areas. Most prominently we serve energy companies in wind turbine blade decommissioning. 

As turbine blades currently in use become damaged by weather or simply wear out, GFS serves in repowering in which we collect and transport old blades to one of our processing facilities. For more information on this service, click here.

GFS is also focusing on capacity building for the aerospace and maritime industries.


GFS strives for excellence as not only the first, but the best.


Does your fiberglass recycling service provider do this?

  • Certificate of decommissioning and recycling

  • BladeTracker material tracking software solution

  • EHS reporting

  • Client revenue opportunity via manufacturing

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