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2018 Washington Manufacturing Awards, Innovation (Small Firms): Global Fiberglass Solutions


GOLD AWARD Global Fiberglass Solutions, Bothell

Image credit: Hayley Young. REPURPOSING: Don Lilly is CEO of Global Fiberglass Solutions.

Fiberglass was one of the original composite materials, valued for its strength, flexibility, durability and light weight. Those qualities lend themselves to new applications like wind-turbine blades. But what do you do with the material once it has served its useful life? Finding new uses for old fiberglass is a problem that Global Fiberglass Solutions has been tackling, and it’s found some promising solutions.

Working with composite research scientists at Washington State University, Global Fiberglass Solutions has developed patented processes to keep fiberglass out of landfills. Instead, the material can be reused as feedstock for a building material known as Ecopolycrete, as well as for railroad ties and road construction materials. Global Fiberglass is also developing a mobile recycling system to process material at customers’ sites, thus reducing logistics costs.

See the full list of winners from the 2018 Washington Manufacturing Awards here.

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