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Here Comes the Future -- Global Fiberglass Solutions Brings Circular Manufacturing to Europe

Updated: May 2, 2018

US-based international corporation Global Fiberglass Solutions heads to Hannover, Germany this coming week for the Hannover Messe industrial trade show. While this is GFS’ second year attending the show, the 2018 show marks an important milestone in the company’s history. This year, GFS is in the midst of opening a European regional office in order to serve already-interested clients all over Europe.

GFS’ most recent business development efforts in the European continent have proven to be a success and quite valuable to every party involved. European manufacturers in fiberglass composites-using industries like aerospace, marine and wind energy see GFS as the zero-waste solution for which they’ve been hoping for a long time.

In many European countries, government regulations prohibit or strictly limit landfilling or other toxic forms of waste removal, and in other countries in Europe, the tipping fees are just too high and ever-climbing. Global Fiberglass Solutions’ arrival in Europe signifies to regional industry the circular, zero-waste solution that the European Commission has been researching itself via the ECOBULK project.

With GFS, European companies can not only participate in a circular economy by recycling their glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP, or fiberglass) waste but can also partner with GFS to manufacture, purchase and/or distribute the value-added products that result from the processing of what was originally considered waste. A win-win-win solution, indeed.

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At Hannover Messe, taking place in Hannover, Germany from April 23 to April 27, the GFS team from the corporate headquarters in Bothell, Washington will exhibit with the Washington State Department of Commerce delegation of companies. There the company will meet and network with major industry players from Europe and around the world, setting the standard for future industry in a circular economy. After all, recycling isn’t itself an industry – it’s the economy of the future.

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