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The waste material GFS collects becomes a variety of value-added products.

We can produce a range of products including manufacturing-grade fibers, thermoplastic manufacturing pellets, construction panels and a concrete substitute. Ask us about EcoPoly Products, including EP Pellets and EP Panels. Our product range continues to grow based on client orders and need.


For further information on purchasing EP Pellets, click here.

EP Pellets
EP Panels
EP Pallets
Railway Applications
Roadway Applications
Other Applications

Why ECOPOLY Products?


Similar characteristics to steel or reinforced plastics
High mechanical and compressive strength
Impact resistance
High elasticity
Chemical resistance

Electrical isolation
Heat resistance
Fire resistance; non-combustible
Mildew resistance

Insect resistance
Water resistance

High freeze and UV resistance
Products remain in service for decades



No/low VOCs
Low/no HAPS


Characteristics allow flexible molding
Fast cure time (60-90 minutes)
Can be pre-cast or poured in place
No shrinkage
Low energy processing
Low to medium viscosity
No/low volatile compounds
Mobile equipment available for on-site use and repairs
Patented process


Substantially less expensive than other materials and products, especially when factoring in durability
Faster cure time leads to cost savings due to reduced downtime for services and maintenance crews during repairs
Low energy cost during production
Low cost for occupational safety equipment

RFID Sourcetracker

With tracking from source to end product, GFS client enterprises can receive a certificate of sustainable recycling for their recycled fiberglass products.

For wind turbine blades, BladeTracker provides serial-number level tracking of blade material from collection to product manufacturing.

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